Yvette LaForce - USA/Mexico

“My life experience has been vast as I came to be under the bright lights of the West coast city of Las Vegas, which is where my love for color and movement began. As my life as an Artist progressed I have come to my own realization as to the vast beauty and wonder of the world, as my travels have taken me and incorporate through Abstract Expressionism: Life through MY eyes.

My textures, colors and brushstrokes encompass every painting the way life happens. Years of life overlap on the canvas of life with colors that are at times vivid and alive or dark, deep and withdrawn which to me encompass Life itself.

The canvas begins plain, white without sin and with every brush stroke coming to life as an infant whom is in need of guidance love and nurturing. When the piece is completed and the layers upon layers have dried, the end result is a brilliant work of life and art that brings to light all that we are, all that we do, the good, bad and even at times the ugly part of life that makes the good even sweeter.

As a mother watches her child grow and be part of this wonderful world I so say goodbye to my work, send them out into the world with love and create the next.”

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