Fernando Feierabend - Brazil

" I am a painter by essence, instinct and vocation."

Fernando Feierabend is a Brazilian artist, born in Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil.

He studied Architecture and Urbanism at Escola das Belas Artes in Sao Paulo, Brazil; and concluded a course abroad in San Diego, CA, USA. After his graduation, he travelled to Germany and Italy. While in Germany, he studied Communication Design. Upon returning to Brazil, he attended Liceu de Artes e Oficios, where he studied ‘painting.’

Fernando describes his paintings as ‘serious’ work with good results.  His artwork is personal, poetic, free and loose but also structured and serious.  His brushstrokes are expressive, a showcase of existing clash in language, form and shape.   Fernando paints pure colors on the canvas, color as a ‘whole’, as the main subject matter and composition. We experience color without having to understand it. Depending on the artwork, one color may or may not call for another color.  He combines colors in his intention.  The result is artwork that blossoms from the essence of colors, coming from the artist’s touch, from his true nature.

Fernando has participated and exhibited his work in various galleries and art exhibits in Brazil, Italy, Portugal and Spain.