About us

The artistic world is full of talent though we feel that Latin American artists are underrepresented in the international art market.

Our mission is to provide seasoned artists in the Americas, focusing on Latin American artists, with a platform to gain exposure and recognition outside their home country and to sell their artwork internationally whilst giving our customers the pleasure of owning an original and unique piece of art from our talented artists.

Art evokes so many things and different things to people. It is a personal acquisition. And, for that reason alone, buying and owning an original piece of art should not be intimidating.

At eGallerist, we strive to make your gallery experience as personal as possible. Our boutique approach ensures that you do not have to navigate a myriad of steps to purchase a piece of art; and your experience is as personal as possible as if you were purchasing from a brick-and-mortar gallery. We will stage a painting in your room of choice  - give us a try.

We invite you to step in to our gallery and browse our true brush, only originals and one of a kind pieces.  Now – imagine what it would be like to own a piece that fits perfectly on that empty wall. Add color to your world. Beautify and add Latin flavors to your home decor.

Nothing appeals to you? No problem. Commission your own artwork. We will work with you and one of our artists to create that special piece just for you. Visit our Commissions Page for details.