Carlos Quintero - Mexico



Carlos Quintero is a Mexican artist from Sinaloa. He graduated from the University of Sinaloa (Universidad Autonoma de Sinaloa) where he studied Art. He also studied Architecture and Visual Arts.

His paintings speak of a homage to universal beauty, of nature and its organic standards and forms, of the people, the customs, the colors, the languages that are intertwined in his own elements. 

Carlos' studies and experiences gave birth to art that speaks of daily personal themes, full of praises, places, textures and forms, all of which always relates and it is part of his natural personal development.

"The Mexican popular art and its manifestations are elements very stimulating and are present in my compositions." Many of the 20th century masters and escolars have had great influence in my work, above all, the German expressionism, the functionalist architecture, the art Deco, the clean lines and colorism of Fauvism, and Cubism, amongst others."

Carlos has exhibited his work in various parts of Mexico and Costa Rica, where he lived for five years and where he enriched his connection with nature and its forms. In addition, Carlos has painted several murals in Guadalajara, Sinaloa, Culiacan and Veracruz.